Eryka’s Place has moved to http://erykasplace.com which is my on line store.

All my designs are created in my studio, in Canberra, Australia.
They are unique designs that can only be purchased from my on line shops or direct at eryka91@hotmail.com

I guess what I enjoy is the creative process and learning new techniques.

I have been working closely with a group of talented artists here in Australia who create fabulous jewelry and ornaments from flame glass work. The issue was how to present thier work in an upmarket fashion without the up market prices . They wanted something unqiue, but did not want to spend mega-bucks or have to buy large quantities.

I have created about 60 different designs, boxes and envelops in all shapes and sizes. I cut each box to order so have no minimum quanity requirements. My prices range is from $2.00 to $5.00 each. You also have a full range of colors. Ribbons, embellishments and flowers are an extra $0.50

Please visit https://eryka91.wordpress.com to see my range and price list. If you have any ideas I am happy to work with you and create a signature range just for you.

Decoupage Art Work and Jewelry
I take paper prints or create some original art work, cut, glued and sealed to timber. Then I applied at least 10 coats of varnish, sand back and then add several more coats of varnish to give a glass like appearance. Then I polish with car polish for added protection and shine. Do not immerse in water just wipe clean with damp cloth.

I have added some of my decoupage art work and earrings to my other online stores.
http://www.madeitmyself.com/user/eryka91.aspx, http://fuzzb.com/profile.php?profile=102508, http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/eryka91

Paper Embellishments
My acid free paper scrapbooking embellishments are designed and created by myself, they are not massed manufactured, but die cut for each individual order, so if you want to change the colour, or have your chosen design cut from metallic papers for that special occasion, just let me know.

Machine Embriodery-Qulit Blocks and Appliques.
With machine embroidered appliques, while I use purchased patterns, the colour and fabric combinations create unique pieces for you, the discerning customer. I have just added quilt blocks to my Etsy Store, please call in and check them out.

Scrapbooking, Die cuts, borders, appliques, special orders taken, weddings, paper crafts. see http://eryka91.etsy.com

If you need to contact me my email is eryka91@hotmail.com


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26 06 2009

My name is Eryka and I live in Canberra, Australia.

I guess what I enjoy is the creative process and learning new techniques.

I own a singer Fatura-that does amazing machine embroidery, I also own a Craftrobo that does die cuts. I really enjoy the design side, but ended up with lots of die cuts and appliqués which is why I started my on-line stores.

My obsession is decoupage-I use paper, fabric, leaves and flowers or a combination of these to decorate boxes, coasters, place mats furniture and glass. Currently I am doing canvases applying a print then painting around the image to create what looks like a painting and collages.

I have just added some decoupage earrings to my on line stores-check them out.

Needless to say I am retired, and still do not have enough time in the day to do all the projects I have in my head.


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