Welcome to Eryka’s Place

26 06 2009

Eryka’s Place has moved to erykasplace.com which is my on line store.

Hi my name is Eryka, all my designs are unique, created in my studio here in Canberra, so I am a local artist.

Decoupage is my obsession, however I avoid the traditional designs of flowers and angels and try for something different. Most of my work has an Art Nouveau influence. Canvas to jewelry to glass, furniture and house ware, I will decoupage with paper, fabric, real flowers and leaves. I believe a good piece of decoupage has a minimum for 20 layers of varnish to achieve that glass like finish.

My jewelry is generally a one off design, however I may create a square design and a circle design with the same theme. I never mass-produce my designs; I like to keep them distinctive. I like to use Japanese Yuzen paper, for my earrings. Color and texture is important.

Silk scarves are my latest venture; I love the way the paint flows on the silk, I love the bright and bold colors. Warm hand wash is all that is required, (as I heat seal the paint,) then iron on “silk setting”, using a cloth or grease proof/brown paper. Pure silk has a tendency to create static, so a quick spray with anti-static spray will solve this issue.

I have been working closely with the artists that come under the Fiery Porpoise banner creating individual signature packaging options. I have a range of over 80 designs. If this is an area I can help you with please contact me.

My designs are generally sold through my on-line stores to the American market but I am hppy to ship worldwide

Eryka’s Place http://erykasplace.com/